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Welcome to The Perfectly Imperfect Mumma Blog! I'm not your usual by the book mumma, and I'm here to give you an insight into life as a 23 year old mother with a baby boy and one on the way. Checkout my Blog and the tips I give that may help you with your own parenting woes and questions, after all us parents gotta stick together!

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Is It Colic?

Colic and babies are the worst mix, and it's probably one of the most stressful things as a parent you have to go through with a baby. I...

Baby Vomits

One of the things i was seriously unprepared for when i gave birth to my baby, was vomiting, and not my vomiting, but his vomiting. Not...

Down Days

This one is an emotional one for me, as i talk about the down days that most men and women will experience. There's down days in...

Toddler Tantrums

Well, where to begin with this one? Recently my son has adopted this bad habit of throwing colossal tantrums over the smallest of things,...

Sex and Pregnancy

Ah Sex and Pregnancy, this is a topic i read a lot about from medical perspectives, but not a great deal from personal experiences. It's...

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